We offer designers and homeowners the flexibility of using a variety of custom and standard designs, becoming a practicable and important feature of the home. Due to the unique assembly and installation process of the system there are no visible fixings or weld marks.

Aluminium Solution Balustrade is suitable for use as balustrade, pool enclosures or room dividers and can be supplied with safety glass or Aluminium balusters.Installation of Lifeguard Balustrade is simple and fast, using our unique centre spiggot and chemical anchor fixing system.

The top rail is fitted continuously up to 6.5m, limiting the need for unsightly joints or cast rail joiners supplied on traditional balustrade systems. Aluminium Solution Balustrading can be manufactured and glazed in the factory or built on site making it a very flexible and practical system.

Custom designed top rails can be supplied for specific projects, allowing designers to take advantage of the system's unique features whilst maintaining a custom architectural look.



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